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More than 5,000 of Leslie C. Halpern’s entertainment articles and reviews have appeared in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and online publications.

Specializing in film, television, literature, poetry, and comedy, she wrote for The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Markee MagazineOrlando Sentinel, Storytelling Magazine, Location Update, Just For Laughs, So London Magazine, DecodedArts,, and many others. Leslie’s knowledge of and love for the entertainment industry inspired the nonfiction books:

  • Scantily Clad Truths
  • 200 Love Lessons from the Movies
  • Passionate About Their Work
  • Reel Romance
  • Dreams on Film

Gold Medal Winner for Humor from Florida Authors & Publishers Association 2019. 

Scantily Clad Truths: Essays on Life with Clothes (and without)

  • By Leslie C. Halpern

    President’s Award: Gold Medal for Humor

  • Publisher: Cautious Optimist Publishing (2018)
  • ISBN: 9780999376331
  • Humorous Essays/Memoir
  • 110 pages

From panty lines to punch lines, these and other Scantily Clad Truths are revealed in 15 humorous personal essays — with the common thread of clothing – that provide the occasional, though well-deserved, dressing down from award-winning author Leslie C. Halpern. 

From Midwest Book Review:  Scantily Clad Truths is a fun filled excursion into the perceptions of a journalist from her days in college to thoughts on just about everything in the world, ranging from marriage to interviewing famous people. Halpern conveys wit and humor in generous doses throughout this series of essays.”

200 Love Lessons from the Movies

  • By Leslie C. Halpern
  • Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing (2016)
  • ISBN: 9781630761370
  • Photos/Filmography
  • 271 pages                                                                                                    

From  “This playful book provides a guided tour through romance using movies as the vehicle.”

From Midwest Book Review:  “Readers will have lots of fun reading about the many films as well as agreeing or disagreeing with Halpern’s choice of films and the lessons learned from each one.”

Passionate About Their Work book cover
Passionate About Their Work: 151 Celebrities, Artists, and Experts on Creativity
  • By Leslie C. Halpern
  • Publisher: BearManor Media (2010)
  • ISBN: 978-1593935481
  • 147 pages
  • Photographs
  • Named a 2010 Top Ten Read by

From  “Now I could go on and on about the inspiration and advice inside this book, but you must read it for yourself.”

From Midwest Book Review: “151 celebrities, artists and experts on creativity talked to the author about taking risks, taking criticism, dealing with change, overcoming obstacles, the role of humor, and lots more.” 

From “Doing It Right” Business Blog:  “Young people just getting started in their careers, those considering a career change, and those who have a dream but aren’t sure how to turn it into a reality will all find inspiration and solid advice in this book. It’s not a tired, step-by-step guide, it’s the actual words and reflections of people who have achieved success in a wide range of creative professions, often against tremendous opposition.”

Reel Romance Front Cover
Reel Romance: The Lovers’ Guide to the 100 Best Date Movies
  • By Leslie Halpern
  • Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing (2004)
  • ISBN: 978-1589790643
  • 222 pages
  • Photographs
  • Foreword by Jay Boyar

From Publishers Weekly:  “Those who manage to score a date — but who are clueless when it comes to picking out the perfect date movie — should snag this film reference.”

From Bucks County Courier Times:  “So what are the chances a couple can find a movie that will leave them both smiling in pleasure and anticipation as the credits roll? Pretty good, especially if they take ‘Reel Romance’ along with them to the video store.”

From Columbia Missourian:  “This book will help kindle a spark among daters as they cuddle in front of a romantic movie.”

Dreams on Film Front Cover
Dreams on Film: The Cinematic Struggle Between Art & Science
  • By Leslie Halpern
  • Publisher: McFarland & Company, Inc. (2003)
  • ISBN: 978-0786415960
  • 201 pages
  • Photographs
  • Foreword by Robert D. Smither

From Dream Time Magazine (a publication of the International Association for the Study of Dreams):  Dreams on Film is surely the best book now available on the powerful and multi-faceted connection between cinematic and oneiric experience. Halpern clearly loves both dreams and movies, and she brings wit, intelligence, and passion to the study of their relationship.”

From Midwest Book Review:  “What an intriguing idea is the study of dreams in movies and how they apply to real life. Halpern has done a great job of finding films that have dream sequences, and researching how science wants to expose that dreams in film are not real.”

From Book News:  “Halpern surveys directors’ use of dreams in films and compares it to scientific knowledge about dreams. She finds that dreams in film bare little resemblance to dream theory and suggests this is because dreams are primarily an artistic device when used in the cinema.”

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