Sleepless Nights at a Harry Potter Hotel?

By Leslie C. Halpern

This month (just in time for Halloween), the Georgian House Hotel in London opened two newly redesigned rooms intended to capture the magic of Harry Potter. Named “Wizard Chambers,” the rooms include details such as four poster beds, cauldrons, trunks, Harry’s glasses, and other items with a Gothic feel.

Hogwarts Sleeping Quarters

The bed and breakfast still features its other rooms, of course, but the Hogwarts sleeping quarters are gaining international attention, and conjuring up lots of reservations. Media reports say the hotel website was crashing this week from too many Potter fans trying to book rooms right after the news was announced, and the hotel’s Facebook fan page has seen increased amounts of visitors and “Likes.”

If you’re staying in one of these two rooms, attending the nearby “The Making of Harry Potter” tour, and watching the movie series in your room in order to fully immerse yourself in all things Harry Potter, then will that create overload, like a bubbling, troubling Shakespearean cauldron filled with too many toads, hairs, mushrooms, eyes, and feet?  I have to wonder what kinds of dreams all that Potter would produce during nights spent in the Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House Hotel.

Sweet Dreams

Wizard Chambers at Georgian House Hotel.

Wizard Chambers at Georgian House Hotel.

Although children might hope for dreams as sweet as pumpkin juice and butter beer, the world of wizardry is likely to inspire darker images. Maybe they would share Harry’s dream from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where an old caretaker notices a light in an abandoned house he’s watching over. He then angrily walks to the house expecting drunken teenagers, but finds Lord Voldemort, Wormtail, and another man discussing Harry’s demise. An enormous snake slithers past the caretaker. Suddenly, the vacationing child wakes up terrified and covered in sweat.

Or perhaps an innocent young hotel guest goes to sleep after an exhausting day, followed by a late-night treat of milk and cookies, only to endure a dreamy flashback to Albus Dumbledore’s office where a frightening vision of the past awaits. Like Harry, the child asks Dumbledore within the dream if nightmares could possibly be something other than meaningless and random. The child wonders if the vision is a telepathic scene currently taking place or if it is a prophetic dream predicting a dark future. Again the child awakens in a panic – this time with wet pajama bottoms.

And the parents? Well, they’re probably having nightmares, too, about having to spend $300-$400 a night to stay there.

So if you decide to book a room in the Wizard Chambers of the Georgian House Hotel, bring your Harry Potter paraphernalia, favorite sleeping potion, plenty of money, and extra undies for the kids.